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Spirit of Akasha is a film celebrating the classic '70s surf film ‘Morning of the Earth’

'Spirit of Akasha' picked up and developed 'Morning Of The Earth's ethos of soul and spirit in surfing representing surfing as a lifestyle rather than a commercial entity. In doing this, it paid homage to the earlier film (including incorporating some footage from the earlier classic) and gave tribute to the life and passing of Michael Petersen, whose iconic cut-back came to be synonymous with the earlier film. One of the high points of Akasha is Mick Fanning riding one of Petersens original single fin shapes emulating MPs signature move to great effect.

With Tom Curren, Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Fergal Smith, Tom Doidge Harrison, Josh Mulcoy, Terry Fitzgerald, Nat Young, Kelly Slater, Harrison Roach, Ellis Ericson, Ace Buchan and John John Florence among many more.

Locations included the Australian Gold Coast, Hawaii, Tahiti, Ireland, Mexico, Fiji and Indonesia among other beautiful and secret spots.


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