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NSM #24

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NSM #24
116 pages

- Nordic Surfers Mag nr.24 will takes you to an astonishing snowsurf boat trip in Iceland with Hawaiian big waves legend Kohl Christensen and snowboards giants Jeremy Jones, Bryan Iguchi & Forrest Shearer. 22 pages reported by Kohl himself exclusively for Nordic Surfers Mag.

- From Japan to Härnösand, Sweden. We will also introduce you to shaper Jimmy Yoshio Shibata.

- Fergal Smith will explain his farm project and the good vibes around the Surf Challenge visiting him in Ireland.

- Swedish illustrator Jonas Claesson will share some of his masterpieces as we will get to know him better.

- Adrian “Ace” Buchan was in town. The gent currently ranked nr.7 in the world shared some waves at Torö. Photo and report from the one and only Håkan Nyberg.

And more!!!!! 

Postage price include, no additional coast
Cover by Andrew Miller



Nordic Surfers Mag is focusing on cold water surf
so you won't see any palm trees here.